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Energy-efficient homes limits the overall consumption of energy and green-house emissions and exploits the renewable sources of energy to provide healthier living conditions and money savings.

Project GreenLight makes use of renewable sources of energy such as geothermal energy and solar energy to generate heat and electricity, which thereby helps in substantial reduction of overall energy consumption.

Energy-efficient homes need a good amount of investment initially. However, you will reap the benefits in terms of cost savings over a period of time.

Using energy-star appliances does make a home-energy efficient but only to some extent. Making a home completely energy efficient also involves using right set of materials for constructing walls and floors.

Energy-Efficient homes will not only provide required comfort to the occupants but also make sure they are living in a safe and healthy environment. Last but not least,there is a significant reduction in the monthly bills.

Triple-Pane windows helps to maintain cool temperature inside by blocking the rays of the sun during summers . In winter, it keeps the heat inside,thus keeping the home warm and cozy. Triple-Pane windows are also known to minimize air pollutants thus maintaining the air-quality inside the home.

Spray foam insulation is an advanced technique which is used to prevent the loss of conditioned air and thus keep the air inside clean and pure.

Spray Foam Insulation also helps to keep the humidity levels in check.

It depends upon the total number of services you wish to avail. Installation of solar panels is the basic building block in your journey towards a complete energy-efficient home.

The energy-efficient homes is equipped with smart thermostats, lighting controls and internet connected door locks which helps you control the appliances and gadgets remotely.

Heating and cooling systems are designed in such a way that it provides innumerable benefits in terms of maintaining the indoor air quality, better moisture control and a quieter operation.