Every home has its unique air quality condition that can easily fall out of balance. We maintain the perfect humidity and ventilation to improve the indoor air quality of your home.


Project Greenlight believes in building efficiency homes for the local community in Atlanta. We combined advanced design and superior home systems with energy efficiency to build your dream home.

Professionally Trained

Our staff and subcontractors are professionally trained in the latest energy technology. We incorporate the most efficient technology into our designs.


Building Efficient Energy
Homes for a Better Tomorrow

We commit to build an energy-efficient home which takes care of your comfort and well-being and is environment-friendly. We took a step forward to conserve the non-renewable sources of energy and make use of the available natural resources.

Professional Services

At Project Greenlight, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the professionals to complete any job.
We work very hard to provide the best service possible. Our crews are all very polite and masters of their trades.

Exceptional Energy-Efficient Services

We strive to provide excellent services to our clients with the help of our professional team. We take pride in announcing that we are masters of our trade.

Energy Efficient Home Construction

We give utmost importance to construct your home including walls and flooring with the right set of materials to make it energy-efficient.


We use the environment-friendly geothermal energy to heat up the home and also generate electricity.

Smart System Control

We use energy-efficient techniques and gadgets such as Wi-fi programmable thermostats and dual pane windows to have better control over energy usage.

Solar System

We harness the power of natural yet efficient solar energy for heating purposes which helps to save energy in the long-run.

Energy Recovery Unit

Energy Recovery Unit helps to save energy and provide clean air solutions to residential building, commercial spaces and schools.

Battery System

It can be used to store heat and electricity which can later be used whenever required.It can also help reduce fuel bills and harmful carbon emissions.

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